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Create Your Own Haven

Heather Konschuh

     When it comes to your home, no room should be swept under the rug. A space used every day, the bathroom yearns for your handcrafted touch. Transform your bathroom into a realm of relaxation, a place to escape your daily responsibilities. A painting that tells a story, a bathmat that hugs your feet or a scent that comforts your nose.

       Save the Home Catalogue for reading. With the right handcrafted piece, you too can create a haven that is uniquely yours.

Shopping List

Not sure how crafted items can enhance your space? Here are some ideas below to inspire your search! Hover over the boxes for qualities to be mindful of when choosing a particular item.

Wear-proof ornamentation

Water resistant glaze

Finished bottom

Appropriate shape & size

Soap Dish
Wall Art

Durable against humidity

Ready for display

Original design

Tasteful Ornamentation


Balanced shape

Water-tolerant glaze

Finished bottom

Design doesn't hinder function

Anyuta Gusakova

Know your allergies

Appropriate dispersal method

Natural ingredients


Design doesn't hinder function

Scent doesn't overpower

Ready-to-burn presentation

Safely burning wick

von Hardenberg Candles

Food safe dies


Finished seams

Dies are colourfast

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