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The Heart of the Home


Give your cookware the care it deserves by embracing the charm of the hand-made touch and let each bowl, tile and cutting board share a story of design and artisanal skill. While so many of us value our groceries as unprocessed and homegrown, we tend to ignore those standards when it comes to the kitchen itself. A place of conversation and nourishment, it truly is the heart of the home. Whether cooking with friends or prepping for a quiet family dinner, the kitchen brings people together. Your kitchen should be as tasteful as the food you cook. That’s just good kitchen karma!

Shopping List

Not sure how crafted items can enhance your space? Here are some ideas below to inspire your search! Hover over the boxes for qualities to be mindful of when choosing a particular item.

Fruit Bowl

Food safe glaze

Oven Safe

Finished bottom

Ornamentation doesn't prohibit function


Heat resistant glaze

Durable, crack free

Finished edges

Tasteful Ornamentation


Food safe glaze

Water resistant

Finished bottom

Design doesn't hinder function

Food safe glaze

Durable against cold

Finished bottom

Comfortable, sturdy handle

Kitchen Jug

Food safe glaze

Comfortable to hold

Finished edges

Easily stored

Tea Towel

Food safe dies


Finished seams

Dies are colourfast

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