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Put Your Feet Up

Bright Photography

Stephanie Symns

Bright Photography


The living room is multifunctional, a space to entertain and a space for a cosy night in. Whichever night it is, this space defines your taste and sets the tone for the rest of your home. The most versatile room in the house deserves self-expression, you are not a follower, and one of a kind, handcrafted pieces are the perfect addition to a space that reflects you and your lived experiences.         

Shopping List

Not sure how crafted items can enhance your space? Here are some ideas below to inspire your search! Hover over the boxes for qualities to be mindful of when choosing a particular item.

Seat Pillows

Colour fast dies


Labelled with fibre content

Ornamentation doesn't hinder function 

Wall Art

Resistant to fading

Ready to be displayed

Original design

Tasteful Ornamentation


Design doesn't hinder function

Balanced form

Finished bottom

Proper glazing to hold water


Original design

Durable assemblage

Finished bottom

Suits your space


Water resistant finish

Functional shape & size

Finished edges

Easily stored

Light Fixture

Heat Safe

Durable, sturdy assemblage

Functional light source

Coincides with codes & standards

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