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You're Invited

     Feeling unprepared should never stop you from hosting a night in with your friends and family. Whether celebrating a birthday, holiday or a simple gathering, a few things can enhance your experience as the host. A table should be as unique, quirky and refined as each guest invited.

      Let's make a toast, and raise your beautiful and authentically designed glass to loved ones - and of course, good craft! Keeping with tradition while embracing contemporary style has never looked so elegant.

Shopping List

Not sure how crafted items can enhance your space? Here are some ideas below to inspire your search! Hover over the boxes for qualities to be mindful of when choosing a particular item.


Food safe glaze

Oven Safe

Finished bottom

Ornamentation doesn't prohibit function

CCBC Metalwork.jpg
Salad Tongs

Tasteful Ornamentation



Proper metal care


Comfortable, sturdy stem

Free of imperfections

Finished bottom

Design doesn't hinder function

hitomi mackenzie 3 09 10DSC_0011joel deg
Centre Piece

Original design

Free of cracks

Finished bottom

Tasteful size

Wine Cork

Tasteful design

Sturdy assemblage

Proper food safe finishes

Design doesn't hinder function


Food safe dies


Finished seams

Dies are colourfast

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