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Rest, Relax...Dream

Stephanie Symns

Bright Photography

Your bedroom is the place where you dream, but it should also be a place you dream about. Lay down on your bed covered in hand-dyed fabrics and unwind from the day just past, and prepare for the day ahead. Getting ready in the morning is easy when choosing from your selection of hand-crafted jewellery and accessories because each piece undoubtedly will add character to your outfit.  

Shopping List

Not sure how crafted items can enhance your space? Here are some ideas below to inspire your search! Hover over the boxes for qualities to be mindful of when choosing a particular item.


Original design

Secure assemblage

Productive use of space

Design doesn't hinder function


Health approved dies


Finished seams

Dies are colourfast

Eydis Einarsdottir

Decorative Box

Appropriate finish

Durable assemblage

Finished bottom

Design doesn't hinder function


Design doesn't hinder wear

Hard fastened metal

Balanced design

Know your metal allergies


Dies are colourfast

Original designs

Finished edges

Ornamentation doesn't hinder wear


Leather is treated

Durable fastenings

Know how to care for leather

Ornamentation doesn't hinder function

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