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Our Mission

We strive to support all stages of artistic practice in the craft sector: production, exhibition, sales, and finding a voice for artists and the community to share and connect. We do this through:


We provide consumers access to information about common materials and techniques used in craft as well as tips to ensure the purchase of high quality and safe products. We believe that an informed consumer is a better consumer.


Create an awareness of the potential of craft, therefore we provide examples of what we consider to be exemplary craft throughout the site and how it can be used in everyday life.

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Home Spaces

In our home, everyone is invited. No matter your experience with craft - designer, collector, the simply curious - this guide is for you. We have curated an ideal space to connect with the community surrounding craft.

Get inspired by handcrafted additions perfect for each room in your house

Corporate Spaces

With featured artists, event links and suggestions to shop local, our goal is to make craft more significant in the cultural life of British Columbia, Canada, and beyond. Leave the catalogue on the shelf. Instead, let's find inspiration in each other, challenge design with innovation, and create a unique space that truly exhibits excellence in contemporary craft.

Explore craft's potential in your company

The Trade

Whether you are looking to purchase a gift, elevate the character of your home or simply explore local contemporary craft, understanding the materials and techniques unique to each handmade good is fundamental in buying a well-crafted work.

Learn about materials and their techniques


This website would not be possible without the contributions from CCBC member artists, we are grateful for all their help and are proud to foster the BC craft community.